Baby Park 1966 S.r.l.

Via Delle Milizie 19, 00192 ROMA

VAT IT12905121005 REA: RM1409108

Baby Park, since 1966 serving mothers and babyes

The BABY PARK 1966 Srl, handles distribution, import, export, retail and wholesale of products for babies and children, toys and preschool, early childhood, garden furniture and household products. The project web part with the exclusive distribution of online European Baciuzzi composed of lightweight strollers, buggies reversible modular trio, duo modular armchairs for cars, high chairs, travel cots, wooden beds.

The company headquarters is in Rome while transactions and logistics are organized by the BRT, a leading distribution in Italy with headquarters in Bologna, it also guarantees delivery in a single package in a very short time in terms traceable.

The property company is Asian, a holding company composed of trading companies and manufacturers, the same people who produce the articles that we distribute. The group's objective is to create a channel of direct outlet on the European market at very competitive young design and cheerful, good quality product with high quality standards, at concessional terms, assigning territorial distribution, offering high margin operators commercial, without investing in stock (we do it for them).

The distribution operation is entirely online for the consumer and for the retailer, the latter will receive after registering the conversion account and will be able to see the prices reserved for distribution. The recommended retail prices are those shown on our platform and will not occur competitive conditions erosion of margins, under penalty of immediate expulsion of the customer from transactions of e-commerce platform.

The dealer has the autonomy to sign up, enter your corporate data, fill orders, view existences, download their bills, manage coupons, discounts and allowances made. The retailer is entitled to payment in autonomy, on demand, by bank transfer, Paypal or cash, then the flow of data will be sent to the logistics for the preparation and delivery of goods; the number of shipping enable the customer to monitor the status of the same and interact with the forwarder in case of need.

A service of automated newsletter keeps alive the brand and offerings distribution.

The media and advertising campaign is organized by our online press office via the activities of Google and social networks Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter soon.

The facility was fully drawn and designed in Italy by a team of brilliant designers, stylists and fashion experts and trends; the group of EFFELLEDESIGN strives to provide the best design solutions with the most innovative techniques, focusing on comfort for the baby and convenience for parents.