Dropshipping is a formula for online commerce, which allows you to start an e-commerce or to enrich your already existing bid by cutting your management and inventory costs.
The dropshiping that BabyPark proposes allows us to market our baby products without having to physically own them in the warehouse.
The retailer deals only with the promotion of its electronic stores (e-commerce, Ebay, Amazon, etc.). Only after making the sale, at the price he chooses, he enters the final customer's data and buys the product at the price reserved for him.
No business risk. No stock investment. Zero initial charges. No stock in exuberance.

BabyPark deals with packing, shipping and delivery directly to the end customer, just as if the retailer had done so. The end customer will be satisfied and faithful supporter of your e-commerce.

dropshipping prodotti infanzia

dropshipping childhood products

Are you looking for an independent business to invest in your creativity?
Do you sneak for business?
Do you want to reconcile work, family schedules and personal commitments?

This is the best time to start an e-commerce, with the dropshiping formula that BabyPark proposes you do not have to worry about the costs of storing goods, packs, shipments. Babypark offers you drop shipping that allows you to have your online store easy to handle, as flexible as and when you want.
Easy not to believe it!

What do we ask for?
To establish a partnership between entrepreneurs, trust and understanding to achieve common success. Open your showcase and make it shine, the rest we think. No Exclusive Report.

What do we offer you?
Assistance to set up the virtual store, product images, presentation cards, constant updating of catalog availability and pricing. The BabyPark system allows you to be synchronized with our real warehouse, knowing at any moment the quantity available and the new arrivals.

Do not you have a website?
Our programmers can make your online shop for you at competitive prices. Are not you an expert on the web and are you afraid of falling into the net? We are on your side to build your successful business, we will guide you step by step, because your enthusiasm is the key to a good result for us.

What is the advantage of choosing to become our reseller?
Every stroller, car seat or high chair is designed, studied, tested with the utmost care, so that we protect our children and guarantee the serenity of their parents. A leading product line for performance, with Italian design, eye-catching. We care about the market with the utmost care not to breed the product and the brand on the market and not to run into unfair competition, punishing the expulsion from the program.
An interesting economic acknowledgment, no advances for the merchandise, you will only pay after the product has been sold.

To join the program, to clarify any doubt or to contact us please email us at info@babypark.it